Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel of Grace in Fort Wayne
Summit Church has transformed my life. Pastor Al's teaching is a priceless asset to my walk with God. I am really beginning to understand the gospel of grace and how its not about what I do but its all about what Jesus has already done.
Anthony Wagler
Almost a few years ago I remember being at my worst rock bottom. I had noone to blame but myself which intensified the darkness that I found myself in. I was so insecure after this brokenness with my relationship with God and was my most fragile. Though I didn't want to die, I really thought the only thing left was for God to allow me to die from my choices because I wasn't good at living a life that avoided always getting in trouble. I thought you if you live by the sword, you die by it, especially after many chances God gave me in the past to get it together. I hadn't really been attending church for the past 8 months regularly due to me living out of state and abroad. But when I came home and walked into Summit Church after a long over due absence, the feeling of embrace from the Holy Spirit was so present. I felt Him fighting my battles for me! His spirit comforted me and assured me that my pain was safe with Him. The Grace message couldn't have came at a more perfect time. 
Pastor Al had really begun to make this a subject every Sunday and it got down deep and anchored in my soul. God was so gracious He not only spared my consequences on the cross but also the long term ones that would have affected my realty. The way in which Pastor delivered the message of His unconditional love really corrected any issues I was dealing with. It's been very difficult to not transform my thoughts and behaviors because of grace. The biggest impact has been hearing the word, the more I hear it, the more flushed out I become of self doubt and misunderstanding. I feel my thoughts rotating into alignment with God's truth and most importantly I'm transferring this relationship to my children because they too are in a faith fight. -❤️ 
Ashleigh Barnett, International Model
Great Grace! Knowing that I am forgiven of past, present and future sins and walking in the freedom of that forgiveness is what Pastor Al brings to the table 24/7. I get to feast on the truth of God's unfailing, relentless love for me through the finished work of Jesus. What a message for the unbeliever and the discouraged believer; that God is not holding their sins against them any longer! The penalty and punishment for all sins was judged on the body of His beloved Son. God only asks that we believe and receive His unconditional love through Jesus! What a meal! I am so grateful to God for leading me and my family to Pastor Al. I have found my pastor, I have found my church, and I have found abundant life through the gospel of GRACE!
Linda Pettigrew
Through Pastor Al’s teaching at Summit Church, I’ve learned the power of grace. Before grace I was always trying to follow this rule and that rule. I was always trying to live up to a standard that in reality was impossible for me to live up to. Then I learned that Jesus Christ lived up to and fulfilled this impossible standard that I had been trying to follow all my life. Through him we have been set free! The awesome thing about grace is that it is undeserved and unmerited so no one can brag or boost about it. At first it was hard for me to accept this “free” gift but once I accepted God’s grace, it not only changed my life but it enabled me to extend grace to others. I wake up every morning depending on God’s grace and mercy and looking forward to the opportunity to extend it to others.  
Nacoya Russell
Through Pastor Al's teaching at Summit, my focus is on the bread of life and His supply to me. Not on sin or not sinning. My focus is on how much God loves me and what Jesus actually did at Calvary. It was ALL taken care of for me at Calvary and when I made it personal (my acceptance of His gift) it was applied to my ENTIRE life (past, present, and future).

I walk in Freedom from the writ of the law that the devil (the accuser) holds over so many. Colossians 2:14. At Calvary, Jesus took that writ which is hostile against us and destroyed it. Thank you Jesus!

All I have to do is follow the Holy Spirit and bask in the completed work of Jesus. It's not about me. It is all about Him. This does not make me want to sin more, but makes me closer to my Father for what He has done.
Michael Pope
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